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Addendum to 2014 Journal - Insp John Soutar Suttie Arbroath Burgh Police
Patrick W. Anderson
The Hull Borough or Hull City Police 1836 - 1974
Richard Cowley
Policing Cyprus 1878 - 1959 and the British Police Memorial
Richard Cowley
The Coventry Blitz November 1940
Who was the Youngest Chief Constable?
Richard Cowley
Standing Astride Two Worlds - the Native Police Corps of Colonial New South Wales 1837 - 1859
David Aspland
Code of a Killer - Police use of DNA
Robert Cozens
Sir James William Olive
Where did the TARDIS come from?
John Bunker
The Devon Constabulary Slouch Hat
The Private Prosecutions Societies
Rules to be Observed by all Police Officers - written in the time of Queen Victoria
North Riding of Yorkshire Special Constabulary and the only lady Special Constable in the country during The War 1914 - 1918
Ralph B. Lindley
Rewards for Long Service (and Good Conduct)
Richard Cowley
Charles Bates, Police Constable, Northamptonshire Constabulary. The first to receive the KPM for meritorious service
Richard Cowley
Hopker's Summons Headings
Constable David McDonald - Leith Burgh Police 1875 - 1882
Patrick W. Anderson
John Henry Hayes - 'The Policemen's MP'
Richard Cowley
Plague, Pestilence and Policemen - policing the Great Plague of 1665
Paul Dew
A puzzle solved! A picture of the Leeds City Police Fire Brigade
Ralph B. Lindley
Detective Caminada and the Manchester Cab Mystery
Angela Buckley
The Oaksey Committee
The Oath of a Parish Constable
The Bardney Bread Riot and the death of Richard Meanwell, Parish Constable of Horncastle
Susan Payne
The Broad Arrow symbol on government property
Ralph B. Lindley
The future of Bramshill Police College
Martin Stallion
Phillip, Lord Knights of Edgbaston 1920 - 2014, Patron of the Police History Society 1988 - 2014. A memorial.
Richard Cowley
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