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The contents for each Journal are as follows:

Volume 1. 1986
A brief History of Fingerprint Identification.
A Watershed in Policing.
Capital Punishment.
Paper Pursuit.
A Collector.
Killed in the Execution of Duty.
The Policeman Died on a February Night.
Police Duty - 50 Years Ago.
Establishment of Devon County Police.

Volume 2. 1987.
Military & Popular Disorder in England 1790-1801
Collecting Police Force Histories
Towards an Oral History of the Police.
Choosing the Chief Constable of Buckinghamshire, 1896.
The Bideford Potato Riots, 1816.
Captain "Swing" and the West Sussex Disturbances.
Commonwealth Police Forces.
The Croydon Police 1829 - 1840.
The Dover Borough Police Force 1836-1943
The Origin of Walsall Borough Police Force.
A Rural Police Force in 19th C Leicestershire-Oadby
Kings Police Medal for Gallantry.
Stimulating Environmental Commitment in the Inner City.
The Murder of a Codsall Constable.
History of the Police Surgeon.


Volume 3. 1988.
History of the Police Surgeon.
The Thames Police.
The North-Eastern Rhodesia Constabulary.
Patrick Colquhoun (1745-1820) A very being clothed with Divinity
Kings Cross. Police Connection.
Juliet Bravo.
A Short Story of the New Zealand Police.
The Murder of P.C. Couchman at Dover 8th September 1844.
F. J. Crawley. Chief Constable of Sunderland Borough Police 1915-1925.
The Recollections of a Provincial Policeman.
Introducing Blyth.
Murder Most Foul.
The Newcastle Upon Tyne City Police 1836-1969
The Burwell Enclosure Riots in 1851.
Leicestershire’s First Chief Constable. Frederick Goodyer (1839-1876)
Sergeant Harry Wells V.C.


Volume 4. 1989.
The North West Mounted Police.
Incorporating Maoris Into the New Zealand Police.
Policing in Nottinghamshire.
Mob Rule in the Streets of Brighouse.
Waltham Abbey Police - The Early Years.
Police Raison d’Etre - The History of Fear of Crime.
More Things Than Dreams.
Police Firemen.
Finding a Marble and Breaking a Window.
Crime as Entertainment - And Should It Be?
The Reigate Police.
Policemen and The Charge of the Light Brigade.
The Killing of Constable Smith.
Some Interesting Items.
Force Histories.
Developments In The Office of Chief Constables 1835-1985.


Volume 5. 1990.
The Establishment and Development of the Worcestershire County Constabulary 1839-1843.
Buckingham Borough Police 1836-1889.
The Police and Mount St. Bernard’s Reformatory.
Living In.
Disturbances at the Docks and other stories.
The Special Constabulary - an historical view.
A Murderous Attack at Cwm Cille Farm.
The Barotse Native Police.
The Luckiest Man Alive.
Martha Tabram - The Forgotten Ripper Victim.
The Indian Police 1861-1947
The Tardis.

Volume 6. 1991.
Arms & the Policeman.
"Who Was The First".
Memories of a Wireless Man - Thomas George Cole.
The First Years of the Northern Rhodesia Police.
Superhuman Special.
Local Men & Strangers - Prospective Chief Constables of Grimsby Borough 1930-1936.
A Gallant Soldier/Policeman.
Joseph Lane AKA Joseph Francis.
The Shooting of Sheriff Keen.
The Killing of P.C. Snow.
Test Your Knowledge - Would You Have Been Recruited?
Inspector John Pearman.
Robert Paterson, Sergeant, Glasgow City Police.
Social Structure and Law in the 18th Century and The Emergence of The New Police.
Index to volumes 1-5.

Volume 7. 1992.
Special Constables in the 1st & 2nd World Wars.
Constabulary in the Crimea.
The Last Parish Constable to be Murdered
Mr. Superintendent James Bent.
The Northern Rhodesia Police and the Defence of Northern Rhodesia.
Romford Police - The Anniversary of a Change.
Sgt. Robert Patterson of the Glasgow City Police.
The Fort Stikine Disaster.
Desperate Riot in Seven Dials.

Volume 8. 1993.
A Photographer Recalls the Great Train Robbery.
The Northern Rhodesia Police and the Conquest of German East Africa.
Captain P. B. Bicknell - 45 Years a Chief Constable.
Responsibility Without Authority: The Experience of Nigeria Police Force Officers in the Management of Native Administration Police Officers in Northern Rhodesia 1919-1966.
The Middlesex Constabulary.
The Speedy Dispatch of Patrick Herbert Mahon.
Obituary - RN List for 1905
The Special Constabulary in Walthamstow 1940-1943.
Police Aviation in the UK.

Volume 9. 1994.
The Politics of Rule 43.
The Murder of Constable Bailey.
The NRP and the Last Years of the Charter.
Sidney Chamberlain OBE, DFC 1899-1974.
The Metropolitan Police in Surrey.
Sam Radford. GM.
Chief Constables - Some Things You Never Knew.
The Origins of the British Transport Police.
The Watchman’s Clock.
The Metropolitan Police Consolidated Index.

Volume 10. 1995.
Was Jack The Ripper a Policeman?
Grant Us Our Gendarmes!
A Moorland Mystery.
George Edalji in Prison.
The Special Constabulary Book of Remembrance.
Chief Constable:The Road to the Top (via Australia).
The Oscar Wilde File - Epitome.
Constructive Malice and the Murder of Police Officers.
Gallant Man in Blue.
The Metropolitan Police and the Anti-Fascists 1934 -1940.

Volume 11. 1996.
Iniquity Smith and the Vice Society.
Convict to Copper : The Early Police in Australia.
A Gloucestershire Tragedy.
Personality and Methods of Policing of Northern Nigeria.
Police Gallantry.
Police Under Scrutiny: The Inspectors of Constabulary 1856-1990.
The Northern Rhodesia Police 1924-1932.
Friends of the Metropolitan Police Museum.
The Croydon Poisonings of 1928 -1929.

Volume 12. 1997.
Crime in a Victorian Country Town
Walter Dinnie, Policeman. 1852 -1923
A Second Gloucestershire Tragedy.
The Rise & Fall of Basil Thomson. 1861-1939.
The Northern Rhodesia Police 1932 -1939.
Inspector Peter Lennon.
A Story of Heroism & Betrayal.
More Than Just a Square Mile.
The Career of Stephen English.
Essex Police Museum.
A Prompt & Plucky Rescue.
Alex Riley : A Unique Aboriginal Tracker.

Volume 13. 1998.
The Mona Lisa is Missing.
The Zeal of Sergeant Drury.
The Murder of PC Thomas Henry Scott.
A Fortunate Police Fire Chief.
Murder at Wormwood Scrubs.
The Norfolk & Norwich River Police.
The Legacy of "Rotten" John Smith.
An Unusual Prosecution.
The NRP and the Second World War.
The Penzance Axe Murder.
Murder of a Suffolk Policeman.
Conan Doyle and the Bullet-Proof Uniform.
The Changing Image of Policing in TV Drama. 1956 -1996.

Volume 14. 1999.
Sir Edward Richard Henry.
The Policeman’s Grave.
Flying Squad!
Inspector Barrett.
The Death of S/Sgt. Thomas Green.
Courtesy Cops.
Post War Reconstruction: The NRP 1946 -1953.
‘Lest We Forget’. National Police Officers Roll of Honour.
A Cape Policeman.
Kent Police Museum.
Entrusted With Arms.
And finally... PHS Conference 1998.

Volume 15. 2000.
The Policeman From Doles Ash.
The Bicentenary of the Paris Prefecture of Police.
Chief Officers of Borough Police Forces in Surrey.
Glasgow Police Pioneers.
If You Want To Know The Time - Pre-War Policing in Norwich.
Notes Made At The Time.
The Killing of Constable May.
The Policeman’s Sword.
PC K19 Henry Matsell, Lincolnshire Police.
Mounted Enforcement Out West.
Greeno - Master Detective
The Killing at the Hole In The Wall.

Volume 16. 2001.
The Murder of the "Town Sergeant"
The Ash Vale Murder Case.
Bow Street in the Black Country.
The Murder of Mr. Solomon.
The Enigma of Richard Gorges.
Kent Mounted Constabulary, 1912.
The Cardboard Van.
The Forgotten Laws of History.
The Death of a Policeman.
The "Petrol" Derby.
Research News.

Volume 17. 2002.
Jack the Ripper - the Search for a Suspect.
A Will to Die For.
The Strange Case of Elizabeth Price.
Murders with a Touch of Class.
Doctor William Palmer - Serial Killer.
Nothing New Under the Sun.
The Crowborough Chicken Farm Murder.
Forgotten Philanthropists - Frederick Rainer.
Another First for Brighton Police.
Kent Mounted Constabulary.

Volume 18. 2003.
The RAF Mounted Unit
The Great Upheaval
A Police Murder in Hertfordshire
The Artist
Murders With a Touch of Class
The Race Track Gangs
Arundel Park's Unsolved Murder
The Vanishing Citizens of London
The Irish Revenue Police

Volume 19. 2004.
New Light on the Wallace case
The Little Leighs Body Snatchers
The Death of a Detective
Unit Beat Policing
The Metropolitan Police Removal Service
A Butcher of Ampthill
Murder with a Touch of Class
Colonial Police Forces; Theory and Practice
A Man of Most Excellent Character
Inspector Donaldson

Volume 20. 2005
Bedfordshire Mounted Policemen
Hats off for McHardy
Police Money
Major Farran
Some Gallant Victorian Policemen
The Boys in Blue
The Unknown 'Guvnor'
To the Mountains and Back Again
"We Didn't Do Trauma"
The Birmingham Town Hall Riot
The Riot at Chipping Norton
"Copping It" on Wartime Roads
A Compleate Historie of Ye Police?

Volume 21. 2006.
The Count of Scotland Yard
Grantham's other First Lady
Law and Order in Bridgwater
Scrambled Egg and Dead Seagulls
The Victorian Police in Japan
The Lincolnshire Fivers
The Very Model of a Modern Chief Constable
The Hackney Watch
The Medals of Frederick Dismore

Volume 22. 2007
The Fingerprint Man
Irish Revenue Police
Nothing New Under the Sun Part 2
Cambridge Borough City Police in the Post War Years
One of Our Colonies is Missing
The Gentlemen Ride By
The Murder of a Lincolnshire Policeman
Policing Denbighshire 1800-1850
Rowley & Brock Get Ahead with Their Hats
Obituary - Stewart Harris
Lt Col. Sir Charles Rowan and Sir Richard Mayne
Sir Arthur Young KBE, CMG, CVO, KPM
The Anti-Nuclear Movement

Volume 23. 2008.
The Inspector
The 'B' Specials
Fasten My Garter
The Unsung Heroes
Mere Military Colour
Guildford's First Policeman
The Death of A Chief
Lt Col Pulteney Malcom
Joseph Briggs
The Other Gallant 600

Volume 24. 2009.
Charles Mandeville - Guildford's First Policeman
Where did all the Coppers go?
Leeds Auxiliary Fire Brigade
A Policeman in the Family
Police Transport US Style
York Minster Police
The Knobkerrie Killing
The AA versus Surrey Police

Volume 25. 2010.
Poor Jennie - The Jennie Percy Case
Inspector Thomas Simmons, Essex Constabulary
She took them all to Jail, Black Maria
Pictures from the Past, T Division Metropolitan Police
The Richardsons
Keeping the Peace in WW1 - The Manx Police
Surrey's Wartime Dream Team
Britain Under Attack, 1884
James Cramer, 1915-2010
Fortunately the Only One?

Volume 26. 2011.
The Forgotten Hero – Peter Farmery
One from the Net
The Unfaithful Footman – Roy Ingleton
Police Family History & DNA – Derek Roper
Howard Vincent – Adrian James
A Victim of Crime – Kemi Rotimi
William Biddlecombe – Bob Bartlett

Volume 27. 2013.
Special Constable Jasper Jackson Mellet - Mike Shaw
It Aint What You Say - Heather English
The Metropolitan Supts - Derek Griffiths
Thomas Watson - Judith Millar
Police Welfare Initiatives - Richard Cowley
Sir John Dunne Chief Constable - Alan Bryant
Crime & Corruption in the Early Police Force - Tom Andrews
Sudden Death - John Solway
Who Remembers - Paul Dew
Preparing for War - Terry Stanford
The Aylesbury Association - Brian Fludgate

Volume 28. 2014.
Suspect Device at Salisbury – John Tompkins
The Great Glasgow Bank Robbery of 1811 – Alastair Dinsmor
The Quaker and the Doctor: cases of John Tawell and James Cockburn Belany – Len Woodley
Willoughby George Fox, Chief Constable of Derbyshire, 6 January 1857 – 5 April 1873 – Terrence Johnson & Mike Baker
Inspector John Soutar Suttie, Arbroath Burgh Police : died on duty 8 March 1914 – Patrick W Anderson
Kincardineshire Constabulary history – Geoff Marston
The Russian militia (police) forces, 1917 – 1920 – Elena Ananyeva
The Police Service of Scotland: some reflections on the past, present and future – Kenneth Scott
The forgotten fallen : British Palestine Police graves in Israel – Anthony Rae
The Kray Twins and Joe Louise – Maurice Elvyn Oakes

Volume 29. 2015.
Obituary : The Lord Knights of Edgbaston
Goodbye Bramshill – Martin Stallion
Peace Preservation Force – Peter Williams
The Broad Arrow – Ralph B. Lindley
The Bardney Bread Riot – Susan Payne
The Oath of a Parish Constable
The Oaksey Committee
Detective Caminada and the Manchester Cab Mystery – Angela Buckley
A Puzzle Solved! Notes on a Fire Engine Photograph – Ralph B. Lindley
Plague, Pestilence and Policemen – Paul Dew
John Henry Hayes, the Policemen’s MP – Richard Cowley
Found in a police notebook: Constable David McDonald – Patrick W. Anderson
Hopker’s Summons Headings
Charles Bates, PC Northamptonshire Constabulary
Rewards for Long Service (and Good Conduct?) – Richard Cowley
North Riding of Yorkshire Special Constabulary – Ralph B. Lindley
Rules to be observed by all Police Constables
The Private Prosecutions Societies
The Slouch Hat
Where did the Tardis come from? – John Bunker
Sir James William Olive, KBE, KPM
Code of a Killer – Robert Cozens
And further use of DNA
Standing astride two worlds: The Native Police Corps, New South Wales

1837 - 1859 – David Aspland
Who was the youngest Chief Constable?
The Coventry Blitz, November 1940
The British Police Memorial, Cyprus
Policing Cyprus 1878-1959
The Hull Borough/City Police 1836 - 1974 : Chief Constables
The Hull City Police : Honours and Awards
Humberside Police : Antecedents
Postscript … Addendum to the 2014 Journal

Volume 30. 2016.
The leadership contribution of the (Royal) Irish Constabulary
Athelstan Popkess: The twenty-first century's greatest Chief Constable? – Tom Andrews
John Smith, Durham Constabulary 1855-1883
WPC Olive Kemp. The first WPC of the Buckinghamshire Constabulary – Lisa Edwards
The memorial to PC65 Allen Mason, Surrey Constabulary – Robert Bartlett
East Suffolk Constabulary 1863 – Fred Feather
Yarns from the Beat
A forgotten source for research. The Minutes of the Standing Joint Committees
Operation Overlord and the Worcestershire Constabulary – Bob Pooler
British Police Forces without published histories
North Riding Constabulary. The Queen's Crown Helmet Plate – Ralph B Lindley
Buckinghamshire Constabulary. The Queen's Crown Helmet Plate – Len Woodley
Distinctive Police Badges
Thirty years ago. Selective press cuttings of 1986
National Association of Retired Police Officers. Towards a century of service – Angela Buckley
Keep to the West please said the Traffic Warden in 1722 – Paul Dew
We also serve The Dickin Medal
John Kempster and the Police Review 1893-1992
The National Guild of Police Ringers – Richard Cowley
A narrow escape. The tale of PC Harry Hunter at the Bombardment of Acarborough, December 1914 – Ralph B Lindley
An English Gentleman Joseph Davidson Sowerby, Chief Constable of Plymouth 1892 - 1917 – Kim Stevenson
Torquay District Police 1835 - 1870
Devon Constabulary 1857 - 1966
Postscript ….. Addendum to the 2015 Journal

Volume 31. 2017
Absent Friends - Adam Wood
Richard Cowley: A Remembrance - Mark Holland/Martin Stallion
The First HMI: The Life and Times of William Cartwright: HM Inspector of Constabulary 1856-1869 - Richard Cowley
Finding the Forgotten Fallen: The Roll of Honour and Lancashire Police memorial Garden - Anthony Rae
The Hogmanay Riot - Martin Baggoley
The Police in the Great War - Peter Hinchliffe
Are You More Likely to be Murdered in Your Beds than in Medieval Times? - Robert Bartlett
The First Chief Constable of Shropshire, Captain Dawson Mayne - Tony Moore
Not Many People Know That! - Fred Feather
50th Anniversary of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary - Mark Rothwell/Samantha Hill
Station at Blandford Forum? - Len Woodley
Doncaster Borough Police and the Suffragettes - John Brown
Longest and Possibly Youngest! Burglary with Violence at Stanstead - Fred Feather
Glasgow Police: The First Twenty Years 1800 - 1820 - Dr David Smale
A Winter’s Tale - Maurice Elvyn Oakes
Women Policing the Area of Avon and Somerset Constabulary, 1916 - 1945 - Dr Clifford Williams
Writing Police History - Dr Mary Fraser
Police Officers who Died in the Fight against Terrorism between 1975 and 1983 - Tony Moore
Metropolitan Police Constable Alfred Smith Killed on Duty: 13th July 1917 -

Keith Foster
Photograph P1159 - Mick Shaw
Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault, 1855 - Dr Peter Moore
Extract from ‘An Ordinary Copper’ - Dave Leach
Murder at The Knoll: The Fatal Shooting of PC Frederick Atkins - Adam Wood
The Murder of Mrs Reville - Jan Bondeson

Volume 32. 2018
Exploring British Policing during the Second World War by Clive Emsley
A Police Officer and a Gentleman by Clive Emsley
Chief Constable Thomas Oliver by Gill Whitehouse
The Post War Reconstruction of Police in Germany by Tim Wright
The Life and Times of Police Sergeant John Knowles by Paul Dixon
"A Somewhat Serious Accident" by John Thorncroft
The Race Course Police by Jeff Cowdell and Peter Kennison
The Murder of Huddersfield's Head Constable by Colin Jackson
Bagnigge Wells Police Station and the "Fantastic PC Fox" by Fred Feather
Gladys Irene Howard (1916 - 2017): A Portsmouth Police Pioneer by Clifford Williams
Light Duties or Ebenezer Scrooge and the Cheshire Hoard by Elvyn Oakes
Thomas Bottomley: Probably Bradford's Longest-serving Victorian Police Constable by Gaynor Haliday
The Murder of Constable John Long of the New Police in 1830 by Martin Baggoley
The Cousins who became Chief Constables by Tony Moore
The Teapot and Police Constable 107 William Lawrence by Mick Shaw
From Imprisonment to Patrol: The Role of Some Suffragettes in the Development of Women Policing by Clifford Williams
Who Killed John Bunker? A Suspicious Death in Rural Devonshire in 1851 by John Bunker
The Policeman and The Sheep Stealers: Police Constable 273 Robert Walker, West Riding Constabulary by Colin Jackson
The Llangibby Massacre by Jan Bondeson

Volume 33. 2019
Editorial Anniversaries - Adam Wood
Peterloo and the Immediate Aftermath - Martin Baggoley
The Use of Police Spies in the Radical War of 1820 - Dr David Smale
Not Forgotten: WPC Bertha Nassey Gleghorn - Keith Foster
Devon Constabulary Benefit Society Study of Infant Mortality Before the National Health Service - Peter Hinchliffe
Strike! - Corinne Bazier / Steve Rice
PC Arthur Wright, Derbyshire Constabulary - Mick Shaw
Police Constable 285 David Bain MacLennan - Patrick W Anderson
Rural Policing in Mid Victorian England - Paul Davies
Keeping the Peace: 180 Years of the Gloucestershire Constabulary - Dr Timothy Brain
The Private Life of CID Paperwork - Angela Sutton-Vane
The Corrupting Effects of the Cinema - Dr Mary Fraser
147 Years of Newport Pagnell Police Station 1872 to 2019 - Mick Shaw
Gay Men and the Police, 1950 - 2010 - Dr Clifford Williams
Into the Twentieth Century - Patricia O’Sullivan
The Purveyor of Horseless Carriages to the Discerning Rich - Elvyn Oakes
Mrs Roberts Goes Shopping - Jim Smith
Sweet Fanny Adams - Dr Peter Moore

Volume 34. 2020

Editorial: I Know a Fat Old Policeman - Adam Wood

Obituary: Clive Emsley

The Cato Street Plot and the Murder of Bow Street Officer Richard Smithers in 1820 - Martin Baggoley

Police Constable John William Stephens (The Laughing Policeman) - Mick Shaw

A Day in the Life - Shaun R Rothwell

A Seaside Scandal: A Tragi-Comedy in Three Acts - Martin Stallion

Invasion: First World War - Robert Bartlett

‘In the Frame’: Pioneering Police Photography - Corinne Brazier

Policing Stansted Airport 1942-2002 - Steve Daly

The Wormwood Scrubs Tragedy - Neil Watson

The Unsolved Murder of PC James Kelly - Keith Foster

Ealing Studios and London’s Police in the 1950s - Jack Bunker

War in the Shadows: Detecting the Dynamitards - Adam Wood

A Detective Versus the Gestapo - John Pickard

Volume 35 2021

Editorial - Tom Andrews

Freedom from the Law - Derek Roper

Early Canteen Culture? - Fred Feather

All in a Day's Work? - Jim Finn

"It won't be a lazy life by any means" PW Chief Inspector Jessie Alexander - Rob Phillips

The St Valentine's Day Murder - Alaric Birkett

Insp Samuel Joseph (York) Stock - Bedfordshire Constabulary - Keith Jackson

"Aunt Daisy": Memories of Daisy Birkett Mason MBE, the first female DCI in the Met Police - Bill Rogerson MBE

Cop Killer / Killer Cop - Michael Gatherar

The Founding of Nottingham's 'New Police' - Tom Andrews

Celebrating Diversity in the Met: Purnima Raval and Karpal Kaur Sandhu - Gurpal Virdi and Purnima Raval

The Frog's March Controversy - Martin Baggoley

Dixon of Dock Green, Jack Warner and Milton Keynes Small Police Museum - Mick Shaw

The Police and the Royal Air Force in Wartime Berwickshire - 

Dr David M Smale

Sir Mark Everard Pepys, 6th Earl of Cottenham & 'The system of car control' - John Dowell

"Not so elementary, my dear Watson": The deeds and deceptions of a Colchester policewoman - Martin Stallion

"10,000 on Parade in Hyde Park": The Royal Review of the Police 1954 - Steve Daly

"A Good Common Constable": The Killing of James Pearce, St George's 1840 - Len Woodley

Policing the Pandemic: The Relevance of History - Peter Joyce and Wendy Laverick

Supt. Jean Moffat Cunningham - George Barnsley

Volume 36 2022

  • Editorial - Tom Andrews

  • “Panic invading our thresholds” Recruit soldiers for Surrey Constabulary - Bob Bartlett

  • “It’s a family affair”: The Trevener & James family of officers - Mick Shaw

  • The strange career of Oscar Sparling - Len Woodley

  • “A side-show at best”: Media Training for senior officers - John Andrews

  • “A spirited business of sort”: Criminal Investigation in Georgian Liverpool, 1808-1930 - Nigel Coles

  • A Merit Star - Fred Feather

  • The Aberdeen City Police, Special Service Medal - Steve Grainger

  • Eastbourne Borough Police 1891: The stories behind the picture - Derek Oakensen

  • Wellington Arch: London’s Secret Police Station - Neil Watson

  • Medal collecting and the secret histories of their recipients - Gordon Caldecott

  • Encounters with misconduct and malpractice: Being a Detective in Brixton 1974-75 - Peter Finnimore

  • London’s Last Victorian Policeman - Rebecca Walker

  • Needham and Westmacott: Doncaster Borough Police - John Brown

  • Ross Simms, Police Collector - Dr Clifford Williams

  • A Berwickshire Policeman, Frozen to Death: The Tragic and Short Career of John Drummond - Dr David Smale

  • The Wild West comes to Worcestershire - Bob and Matt Pooler

  • Sir Walter Stansfield - Andrew Picken

  • The Early Years of Women Police in the County of Nottinghamshire - Robert Phillips

  • The Assassination of Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson -

  • Martin Baggoley

  • Bringing History to Life - from ‘Old’ to ‘New’ Policing 1689-1839 - Peter Joyce and Wendy Laverick

  • Recipients of the Exeter Police Good Service and Efficiency Medal - Mark Rothwell

  • Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane award - Dale Bradshaw

  • The forgotten medal - King’s/Queen’s Police medal for Gallantry - J Peter Farmery

  • “All present and correct!” A checklist of force histories with personnel listings - Martin Stallion

Volume 37. 2023

Editorial - Tom Andrews

  • ‘Cops and Clobbers’: An attempted “knock-out for politics” between inter-war Britain and Germany - Tom Andrews and Michael Haunschild

  • The Fall of Saddam: The Epsom Connection - Sean O'Neill

  • The Story of the Pensacola Police - Mike Simmons

  • The Stabbing of the Town Sergeant – Aylesbury 1842 - Len Woodley

  • HERStory: Women in Kent Police - Pam Mills

  • Policing in Spain, a Short History - Si Smith

  • Recollections of Police Training School by a former South Wales Officer - Allison Turner

  • The South African Police Helmet and Constable Lourens Petrus Moller - Mick Shaw

  • Amalgamation – A Case for the Objectors: The birth of Thames Valley Police - Andrew King

  • Otto Meyehoffer: The First Police Aviator - Robert Bowling

  • Citius, Altius, Fortius - The Military Police Olympians - Richard Callaghan

  • The British Honduran Forestry Unit in Duns: police raids and a moral panic in wartime Scotland - Dr David Smale

  • The Origins of the Brunswick Star - Dr Stephen Humphreys

  • Foundation of American K-9 policing - Robert Bowling

  • The 1906 transit riots of Hamilton, Ontario - David Kerkhoff

  • Evidence Gathering in the Isle of Man, USA, Russia and Switzerland - Andrew King

  • The Bank Job - J Peter Farmery

  • The creation of the Greek Police by the first British Police Mission, 1918-1932 - Achilleas Fotakis

  • Foundations in law and policing: a history of police learning at Harperley Hall, County Durham, UK - Dr Ian Pepper

  • Joseph Fouché, ‘Continental Policing’ and its Impact on British Policing - Peter Joyce and Wendy Laverick

  • “Good old index”: a rough guide to police records in record offices - Martin Stallion


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