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First published in 1986, the Journal is a collection of articles and essays written by retired and serving police officers as well as historians. Published annually, the most recent Journal is volume 36 (2022).

If you are thinking of contributing an article to our annual Journal, then we would urge you to get in touch at an early stage with our editor, Tom Andrews, by e-mail at We welcome all submissions that have some relevance to the history of policing and law enforcement.

Submissions guidelines are here

Click here for a full list of the contents of each Journal.  To open the full edition of the Journal click on the image for each volume.

For Journal editions in excess of five years old, you are able to download the full edition of the Journal (PDF) by a click on the image at no cost.


For non-members, we will appreciate your consideration of becoming a Police History Society member so taking advantage of free copies of all the Journals in PDF format.


With the exception of volumes 1 - 12, 23, 26, 27, 29, 30 & 35(which are out of print), printed copies are available from the supplies officer priced £3.50 sterling for members (plus air mail if required) and £5.00 sterling to non-members (plus air mail).


Also available is a range of Police History Society merchandise. Click here for an Order Form.   Then, either complete the form and send it to Mike Vince, Supplies Officer, (below) with your cheque, or email your order and pay by BACS to PHS sort code: 30-98-97 account number: 48135262.  For overseas payments to Lloyds Bank - BIC: LOYDGB21031 IBAN: GB21 LOYD 30989748135262


Mike Vince
Supplies Officer
Police History Society
17 Edmonds Close
MK18 1YR

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