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The Police History Society Award was established in order to recognise significant contributions in the field of police history. The award is made as a formal recognition of activities undertaken which are in keeping with the aims of the Society.


Award Winners

2021 Clive Emsley (posthumously)

Prof Emsley was our academic adviser since the inception of the Society in 1985 until his passing in 2020. 

His contribution to the advancement and study of policing history is quite possibly unparalleled, and the committee's decision to award him with this was unanimous.

2020 David Taylor (posthumously)

David had a long and distinguished career in policing – serving in the Military Police and then rising through the ranks to Superintendent in Essex. David had been a member of the Society since the
mid-1980s and had served on the committee for 5 years.

He is remembered with respect and high regard, as a lovely and gentle man, who held a real passion for Police History.