The first Police History Society conference took place in 1985. Below are the speakers at each event:

1985: Churchill College, Cambridge
Jim Sharpe: “A revisionist view of the Parish constable”
Clive Emsley: “Vive la difference - police and policing in England & France”
Dr. Barbara Weinberger: “Police perceptions of labour in the inter-war period”


1986: Police Staff College, Bramshill
Sir Philip Knights: “Policing in the UK, 1940 - 1986”
Dr. Jennifer Davies: “Law enforcement in 19th century London”
Jerry White: “Oral history - police-public relations in lower working class areas of London between the Wars”


1987: University of York
Paul Bennett: “Police raison d'etre - the history of the fear of crime”
Bob Bartlett: “The concept of minimum force”
Mark Suggitt: “Preservation - what we should keep and why”


1988: Wood Street, City of London
Jennifer Ward: “Forensic science and the Victorian detective”
Donald Rumbelow, Paul Begg, Martin Fido, Robin Odell, Keith Skinner, Colin Wilson: “The Whitechapel Murders”


1989: Sussex Police HQ, Lewes
Prof. Robert Storch: “Origins of the County Police Act, 1839”
Clive Emsley: “International comparisons - constabulary and gendarmerie in the 19th century”
Dr. Roger Wells: “Effects of the County Police Act in Rural Sussex”


1990: Devon & Cornwall Police HQ, Exeter
Stuart Elliott: “German occupation of the Channel Isles in World War 2"
Clare Leon: “Special constables in the First and Second World Wars”
Rob Perks & Ken Birch: “Oral history and policing in World War 2”
Dr. David Englander: “Law and Order in World War 1”


1991: West Midlands Police HQ, Birmingham
Joan Lock: “The obstacle course - special problems faced by Scotland Yard's first detectives”
Charles Elworthy: “Experiences of a working detective”
George Peel: “The history and work of the Flying Squad”


1992: Surrey Police HQ, Guildford
David Easy: “The Siege of Sidney Street”
Jonathan Goodman: “The literature of crime”
David Hawkings: “Local archives and police history”


1993: Suffolk Police HQ, Ipswich
Colin Thomas: “The development and growth of the British Transport Police”
Keith Milner: “The Great Train Robbery “
Jonathan Goodman: “The Brighton trunk murders”
Stewart Evans: “The Peasenhall murder, 1902”


1994: Staffordshire Police Motor Training School, Stafford
Dr. Jenny Ward: “The Edalji case”
Ros Prince: “Strange murders in Staffordshire”
Jonathan Goodman: “The Wallace Murder Case, Liverpool 1931”
Harold Wright: “Donald Neilson known as the Black Panther”


1995: West Mercia Police HQ, Worcester
Niall Howe: “Policing in Northern Ireland”
Tony Judge: “Whatever happened to concensus?”
Laurence Lustgarten: “Policing at the end of the century: the democratic deficit”
Jeff Carpenter: “The Worcestershire Constabulary versus Adolph Hitler”


1996: West Mercia Police HQ, Worcester
Harry Wynne: “History of the Ministry of Defence Police”
Prof. Clive Emsley: “Rural policing in continental Europe during the 19th century”
David Cross: “Victorian crime in Birmingham”
Bob Pooler: “Tales of the Worcestershire Constabulary”
Diane Lees: “The Galleries of Justice, Nottingham”


1997: George Hotel, Nottingham
Richard Bullock, Under Sheriff of Nottingham: “The Shrievalty”
Derek Oakensen : “Victorian Police Discipline - The Brighton & Hove Experience”
Chris Forester: “The Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch”


1998: Kent Police HQ, Maidstone
Richard Ford : “History of Police Fire Brigades”
“Johnnie” Johnson: “Crime, Criminals & Punishment in Sussex,1800 - 1850”
Roy Ingleton: “Arming the Police”


1999: Lancashire Police H.Q. Preston
Colin Rogers: “Unit Beat Policing”
Colin Chipperfield: "Police Transport post WW2”
Bryn Elliott: “The Development of Police Aviation"


2000: Bramshill Police College
Jonathan Goodman: "Our Society – Connoisseurs of Crime"
Tony Speed: "The Development of Public Order Policing"
Graham Alexander: "Has the Golden Era Gone?"
Tony Leonard: "He Who Pays The Piper"
Colin Dexter: Author of the "Inspector Morse" stories


2001: Jarvis Hotel, Wetherby
Alistair Dinsmore: "Glasgow Police – The First 50 Years"
Jim Herlihy: “Irish Policemen in Your Family Tree"
Ray Broadstock: "Developments in Fingerprinting over the last 100 Years"
John Yearnshire: "The Mary Cotton Murders"
After Dinner Speaker: The Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate OBE


2002: Carlton Hotel, Cheltenham
Fred Feather: "Murders in Victorian Essex"
Harry Wynne: "The Victorian Police 1840 - 1902"
Don Gibson: "Jerome Caminada - A Victorian Detective"


2003: The Lincoln Hotel, Lincoln
David Deptford: "Polmil. A colonial view of the day to day and emerging relationships between police and military"
Tony Diggens: "In the spotlight - the changing role of police and media relations"
Tony Rae: "The Police Roll of Honour"
Kevin Gordon: "The Eastbourne Borough Police"


2004: Holiday Inn, Chester
Maggie Bird: “The possibility of Jill the Ripper”
Simon Ovens: “Police Medals”
Steve Hughes: “Changes in Policing over the last 30 years”
Keith Skinner & Paul Begg: “Researching and writing Police Related Books”


2005: The Britannia Hotel, Manchester
Visit to Greater Manchester Police Museum at Newton Street for a Victorian Police Station lunch. Guests include the Lord Mayor of Manchester, the Chief HMI and the Chair of the GMP Authority.


2006: The Royal Beach Hotel, Southsea
Dr. Neil McCaw: “Arthur Conan Doyle – Sherlock Holmes Collection”
Dr. Clifford Williams: “History of Hampshire Constabulary”
Helen Barnard: “Aspects of Women Police”
Nick Rowley: “Special Investigations Branch, Royal Military Police”
Kevin Gordon: “History of the Railways and Canal Police”


2007: The Redwood Hotel, Bristol
Julian Lea-Jones: “Local Chief Constable of the 19th Century”
Alan Hayhurst: “A murder exhumed – only solicitor to be hanged for murder in modern times”
Helen Barnard: “Rose Tooke through her pocket books”
Mike Fountain: “Frank Castle Froest – Bristol lad made good!”
Mike Rowland: “My first love, my darling, the Clifton Suspension Bridge”


2008: Durham University
Helen Barker: “Treasures in Store – introduction to Beamish Museum”
Ken Banks: “A history of Criminal Identification”
Fred Feather: “The Murder of PC Gutteridge – the first use of ballistic evidence”
Harry Wynne: “Policing the Dockyards”
Chris Forester: “Policing the Contagious Diseases Act”


2009: The Raven Hotel, Droitwich Spa
Robin Skerratt: “Village life and rural policing”
Joan Lock: “The Dynamite Outrages - Britain Under Attack”
Bill Roberts: “Last Choir Standing”
Peter Picken: “Geoffrey Prime – Master Spy!”
Ian Patterson: “The Thick Blue Line”
Alex Rennie: “Farmhand to Chief Constable”


2010: Holiday Inn, Padworth, Berkshire
Mike Askew: “200 years of service in the Metropolitan Police – Four generations of Askews’ serving the Capital”
Dr. Tim Brain: “A turbulent journey? A history of policing in England and Wales from 1974”
Fred Feather: “The Cumbrian Link”
Janet Harris: “The Tottenham Outrage, 1909”
Kemi Rotimi: “The Encounter of the Metropolitan Police with a [Nigerian] Victim of Advance Fee Fraud in 1937”
Len Woodley: “Local Murders”


2011: Park Inn, Bedford
Roger Wood: “Bedfordshire Miscellany – Murders and Detection”
Dr Chris Payne OBE: “Chief Inspector George Clarke, Scotland Yard Detective 1840 - 1878”
Prof Clive Emsley: “The Great British Bobby”
John Emsley: “Molecules of Murder”
Alan Hayhurst: “The Manchester Martyrs, 1867”
Dr David Cox: “A Certain Share of Low Cunning – Bow Street Runners,

1748 – 1839”


2012: Ripon Spa Hotel, Ripon
Richard Taylor: “No Rest for the Wicked”
Simon Dell: “The Dartmoor Mutiny, 1932”
David Robinson: “Wensley of the CID: the Greatest Detective of them All?”
Guy Woolnough: “Who controlled the Streets? Police Discretion in a Victorian Town”


2013: Premier Inn – Glasgow
Prof Ken Scott: “The Police Service for Scotland”
Alistair Dinsmor: “Ambush in the Afternoon: 4th May 1921”
Chris Forester: “Metropolitan Police Communications and Transport”
Elena Ananyeva: “The First years of the Soviet Militia, 1917 - 1920”
John Newton: "The History of the Kenya Police"
Alan Hayhurst: "The Madelaine Smith case - Scotland's Mystery Crime"


2014: Hallmark Hotel – Derby
Stacey Camilleri: "Blood spatter analysis"
Dr Chris Payne OBE: "Gentleman Jim - the eventful life of Superintendent James Jacob Thomson, Metropolitan Police 1862 - 1887"
Joan Lock: "The Princess Alice Disaster"
George Fleming: "Not a happy one! - the lot of Sir Charles Warren"
Dr Clifford Williams: "An efficient City Force - 111 years policing Winchester"
Susan Parry: "The Red Barn Murder, 1827"


2015: Hallmark Hotel – Hull
Mike Covell: “Dungeons, Death and the Devil: The Dark History of Hull”
Dr Clifford Williams: “100 years of women policing in southern forces”
Angela Buckley: “Detective Jerome Caminada – Manchester’s Sherlock Holmes”
Dr David J Cox: “The Dunsley Murder of 1812 – a study in early 19th century crime detection, justice and punishment”
Paul Harrison: “When evil came – Murder and subterfuge at White House Farm”
Linda Stratmann: “Chloroform and crime”
Mike Covell: “Annison’s; Corpses, Carriages and Coppers”


2016: Imperial Hotel – Torquay
Linsday Siviter: “Lord Lucan – an enduring mystery”
John Newton: “The Mau Mau Emergency”
Chris Forester: “The Black & Tans – England’s shame, Ireland’s opportunity”
Steve Beamon: “Company Servant to the Queen’s officers – a short history of policing Britain’s railways, docks and canals”
Sandra Hempel: “Getting away with murder – the hit-or-miss business of investigating criminal poisoning in the 19th century”
Neil R A Bell: “Police Notice – Policing Whitechapel in 1888”


2017: Imperial Hotel – Torquay
Adam Wood: “Lucky Swanson and the murder of Mr Gold”
Michael Haunschild: “Houdini and the Police”
Angela Buckley: “Who killed Constable Cock? (1876)”
Angela Sutton-Vane: “From information to archives: the making – or unmaking – of police history
Steve Beamon: “Police Strike, 1919”
Jon Wright: “We have a ‘Crime House’: teaching forensics to future CSIs”


2018: Honest Lawyer Hotel – Durham
Harry Wynne: “Back on the Borough Beat: History of the Sunderland Borough Police”
Prof Clive Emsley: “When Bobby met the Mafia”
Dr Pete Moore: “Sex and Drugs were not invented in the 1960s”
Patricia O’Sullivan: “Pot-shots at the Police - The Hong Kong Force moves into the 20th century”
Tony Rae: “Finding the Forgotten Fallen - Police Casualties of the UK and Empire”
Dr Clifford Williams: “The policing of gay / bisexual men in England and Wales”
Norman Kirtlan: “Death and other Dark Places"


2019: Federation House – Leatherhead
John Apter: “100 Years of the Police Federation”
Emelyne Godfrey: “Cats and Mice: How Police Officers Reacted to the Suffragettes”
Lisa Jones: “Hot and Sweaty Policing : The experiences of the English and Irish born officer in Colonial Queensland”
Mark Ripper: “Unreliable Policemen’s Memoirs”
Steve Smith: “Stop! Armed Police! Inside the Met's Firearms Unit”
Jon Wright: “The Strange Case of Sergeant Willmott”
Kate Halpin: “100 years of Women in Policing”

2020: via Microsoft Teams

Tom Andrews: “The Greatest Policeman? Capt Athelstan Popkess, Chief Constable of Nottingham City Police 1930 -1959.”

Doc. Peter Moore: “Hitler’s madness, visions from God and why we wear trousers” Subtitle - “A history of mind-bending drugs. “

2021: Federation House - Leatherhead 

Corinne Brazier - “Police heritage and the National Police Chiefs’ Council: Introducing the Heritage portfolio” 

Angela Buckley - “Eminently successful in the detection of real offenders’: The Ground-breaking History of the Manchester City Police” 

Chris Forester - “METPOLA database - Metropolitan Police Orders (1864 - 1914)” 

Dr Mary Fraser - "Police as ploughmen in the 1917 food shortages. How policemen helped to save the nation from starvation." 

Paul Stickler - “The A6 (Hanratty) murder: A revised history of the police investigation and the account from the surviving victim’s perspective.” 

Revd Canon David Wilbraham MBE - “Lest we forget: National Police Memorial Day” 

Adam Wood - “Pitchfork: The Witchcraft Murder That Foiled Fabian of The Yard” 

Roger Young - “The Bushey Bomb - A Turning Point in Terror?” (1880)